"Let's go, let's go!, it's up in front", I mustered up my pace as I power walked up the hill.  

    We did a last-minute plan of going over to F1963, a place that I came across online afew hours ago and it is on my mind ever since. It is however alittle hard to get there in the dark as we can't exactly find the bus stop for "shuttle bus no. 2", and Google Maps isn't really helpful. We walked the perimeter in circles and only to find the bus driving past us and I was running, following the bus to see where it is. So after all the hustle and bustle, it is just by the side of the Gas Station from Mangmi Station (exit 4), it is however at the side road but not the main road. *even though the main road's bus stop is called "geumho gas station stop" too.

    "There, there!", I point and wave while gesturing my brother to come quick.

    The weather pretty much saved us from sweating, but we are in for a SLIGHT disappointment when we're there. It didn't take too long from the Mangmi station (use exit 4), so probably around 10-15mins in, you'll be there already. Just be sure to press the bell to signal the driver to stop! As it is a shuttle bus, it is almost empty when we're there.

    Aside from the ghastly "entrance", we are probably late since the party seems to have ended. Most of the places are closed aside from the cafe and bars, but I still kinda love the vibes albeit the disappointment. I was definitely hoping for something more, alittle more epic, alittle more story to tell as I write this. The creative parks and districts I'd seen in Taiwan and even Dubai have raised the bar so high that I'll never see creative art parks/districts the same way ever again.

    F1963 Yes24 Bookstore

    The Kukje Gallery closes early (6 pm), and the YES24 (8.30 pm), was probably two of the highlights that I wanted to go. Well, we did spend a great amount of time getting lost in this quiet giant as he lays to sleep. F1963 used to be be a wire factory (1963 was the year that it was up and running), up till 2008.

    F1963 Busan Terarosa Coffee Cafe

    I love the whole old school factory layout, as we walked and get lost inside the cafe. In the funniest turn of events, the cafe was the highlight of my visit here as I found myself going through the art books while being amazed at its decor and rugged theme. The whole factory theme adds a bit of a chill yet a nylon teal undertone that goes well with a cup of hot steamy coffee.

    F1963 Busan

    The "square", is worth a mention too as there are movies playing through the night. I also believe that there are various special screening available as well. It seems like a good place for some heartwarming movie screening, soccer matches or even eSport events. Some subtitles would be great though! 

    F1963 Bamboo Forest

    We ended off our night through a tranquillizing walk across the bamboo forest as we walked across, getting some fresh air in. Maybe we are meant to experience this quiet, and maybe this is what we're supposed to experience hence we are here, right now. And thinking back then, it wasn't actually that disappointing after all. Every adventure comes with a story to tell, and each and every story have their own beauty and it ultimately is worth it.

    You'll be sure to have fun if you come early! and it's next door to a Costco! and what's not to like about Costco? :3

    Name: F1963 Busan
    Address: 20 Gurak-ro 123(baegisipsam)beon-, Mangmi 2(i)-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan, South Korea
    Opening Hours: varies

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