Do We Still Fall In Love Blindly? (or not)

    In the neo-society of the 21st century, we're falling in love at the swipe of our fingers instead of the cupid's arrow. People aren't falling in love blindly when the first impressions are carefully curated personas with a digitally enhanced media.

    Love isn't that blind as we thought anymore huh?
    With our brains processing crazy amounts of information a day, it is very likely that the amount of dating profiles we go through a day is even more than a tech titan's pile of CV that's been trying to balance like the tower of Pisa on a Wednesday afternoon.

    The first few seconds would have shaved off the less physically attractive ones, the ones whom you never know is gonna be there when you cry, see you home like a gentleman when you got drunk on your night out. You might not even know if he's struggling to move on from his ex-girlfriend who's been taken away by cancer and that's why he's wearing that lame blue t-shirt while volunteering on Sunday in a Cancer Foundation.

    Because what would you have known?
    You want that perfect person; the one who cooks, workouts, have a stable source of income, looks good, and just accepts all of you for who you are. Top that with a little tinge of darkness that doesn't go beyond pg-13 just so as media have always portrayed that passionate broken pretty boys are the ultimate meta.

    So how accurate is our thin slice, when we actually don't know the person? Because I truly don't know? Because as much as I thought I might know a person, I don't. Because as much as that 5 seconds of the first impression goes, you would very much be guilty of judging and even perhaps find the qualities of the person you dislike annoying, even though it shouldn't be.

    Instead, most of us might have ended up dating "not-so-decent" people; the ones who cheat, the ones who left our souls broken at 5 am while he left the bed without turning back. The ones who left us waiting for his message while he hangs out with his boys and party with that new girl who's just gonna take your place and deep inside you probably know as you saw a quarter of her face when he's zipping his phone around doing that stupid Instagram-story thing when he was with you... LAST WEEK?

    So, tell me... if love is actually blind, or not?
    Or perhaps it is just all shaped up by our emotions that are in turn mold by the romanticism led by novels and dramas that always indirectly made us picked the wrong ones.

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