Creating the Time to Read

We all have our own time wasters. I don’t mean things that waste our time, but things that kill time when we need.

It can be as simple as going out for a dose of nicotine when you just missed the bus or streaming that new trailer for a good 4 minutes just for some visual galore because you’re waiting for your girlfriend outside the washroom. It could also be window shopping while you’re waiting for your friends to arrive.

For me, it is playing this really addictive game called Clash Royale, which not just loads really quickly but it’s 3minutes a game. I used it previously to take my mind off while doing my plank routine, but recently I’m guilty of playing it whenever I need to kill time.

It doesn’t take a math whiz to realize how much time we are potentially wasting. Maybe you just have to put it into perspective, in a way. 10 games of Clash Royale outside of my Plank Routine for me equates to around 30 minutes of my time. And I decided to change. 

To Reading. Yes, Reading.

I have been reading on and off, reading is like such a strange familiar friend that I sometimes meet often, and we could lose in touch the very next time. But whenever we meet up again, reading would always feel like a distant friend.

And I decided to make Reading my “regular friend”.

I always enjoyed reading, but sometimes the pure laziness to process, remember, highlight what I’d learn from books steered me to do mindless gaming. And I figured it’s time to stop feeding my mind with “junks”, but of knowledge, literature and philosophy that would give me insights, gain me perspectives and eventually help me to grow.

I’m reading from the comforts of iBooks, hence I’m able to pull my chapter out in the middle of anywhere. So I’m going to try instilling this change, and hopefully, I’ll be able to clock in more books, regularly and consistently.

Personally using iBooks and GoodReads, but feel free to connect if you would like to banter or even give recommendations!

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