Coney Island Park

    This segment of mine could really use some fresh air, and there are definitely a lot of amazing spaces waiting for me to explore and share. Funny as it sounds, this is probably one of the new places that I visited locally in 2020. In a pandemic like these, travel plans are most likely being cancelled and put off, so there goes my 20-country-wanderlust-goal.

    Coney Island Monkey

    I have been wanting to check this place off for ages, but I'd never get to do it. And finally, finally, I manage to grab my arse off to do some workout across Coney Island!

    It's actually very easy to go there,
    Step 1: Get to Punggol MRT Station
    Step 2: Find the Bus Interchange (Bus Terminal)
    Step 3: Take Bus 84

    Bus 84 goes in a loop, and you could ask our friendly bus driver if you ever need any help!

    We got off at Punggol Park, which is linked to the West Entrance of Coney Island itself. Along the way, you'll see food, shops and several amenities by the park, but I had packed some energy bars and snacks before our mini-adventure so I can't remember much, but I do remember that there's a Seven-Eleven there.

    Coney Island Monkey

    You won't get lost walking over to Coney Island as it's pretty direct, you could pretty much see the whole Island from there. Note that there are a lot of monkeys could be seen foraging snacks from the trash cans, running around. I even could one snacking on some potato chips here!

    Coney Island Monkey

    Alot of butterflies, stay dogs, tall trees and an assortment of birds that I couldn't identify. It definitely felt like I'm away from Singapore, not too far enough to be away, but enough to feel disconnected from the concrete jungle and the urban buzz. The fluttering of the sunlight, the wheezing wheels of the cyclers, accompanied by the cooing of the waves. I manage to get afew handful of fresh air whilst my water break. It's amazing to be out here, breathing with nature again.

    Coney Island Beach Pollution

    Also, thrash, hide tides and dead crabs. One of the thing that stuck to me is how high the tides could go in the evening, there are wooden twigs stuck onto the ground to show them. It wasn't the best of the site as the beach isn't exactly clean. So... everyday, I bet... there are junks from all over the ocean getting swept up here. Trust me, I'd say even for Singapore, it might be impossible to actively clean. This reminded me of the beautiful coastal region of northern Taipei, where we visited the Queen's head, only to find the coastal ocean to be polluted.

    Coney Island

    We decided to do a loop across the island, before exiting from the east exit. The island might seem small, but hiking too and fro across several points on foot can be exhausting. From the east entrance, we could either walk towards Pasir Ris Park or Punggol Waterway (where you can take the new speedy LRT)! We left the place with aching feet and fatigue having to spend hours across the Island! I'm thankful that I may have caught a sunset on the way back, while we're drifting across fatigue, sitting by the bus.

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