Chiangmai Abandoned Prison Complex

    Chiangmai Abandoned Prison GateWe are actually here to check out the Chiang Mai Women Correctional Institution Vocational Training Center to try out the massage by the female prisoners there.
    So after a satisfying meal and a great massage, we were walking along the street where this building caught our eyes.

    Abandoned Prison Door

    We thought it's inaccessible at first, then I started sharing tales of some urban explorers who went to extreme lengths to even bring lock cutters and whatnots to ensure entry.

     Chiang Mai Prison Visitor Front

    We actually looked into the grills and we noticed several graffitis painted onto the prison compound. From the prison wall to the prison field, and lockers.

    Chiang Mai Urbex Prison

    We head back to our ride before circling around the compound, we tried to see what would bring us from this. There seems to be an entry somewhere but upon climbing up, gives us a good overview of the compound.

    Chiang Mai Urbex Prison Back Stairs

    This must be one of the guard posts that stays. There are a strange scent and several spider webs that covers the stairs, so be careful when you're walking. The biew is beautiful, plants overgrown, we overlooked the whole prison from there, where we gaze from area and area, trying to figure out what goes where. There are snacks and burnt cigarette butts all over the ground, I guess this must be a "secret base" for somebody.

    Urbex Guard Post Stairs

    View from Guard Post Chiang Mai Prison

    We then zipped around the parameter and found it to be sealed. 
    Despite feeling dampened, we actually felt excited as we both didn't realize we share the common love for urbex until now.

    Chiang Mai Urbex Prison Walls

    It is also until when we're back when I started googling and searching for abandon places where hopefully in 2019, we would see more of that on our yearly retreat!


    18.7908° N, 98.9848° E

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