Ask Yourself This Before You Quit

    “I can’t do this anymore”
    “I have reached my limit”
    “I finished what I’m supposed to do”
    “It’s good to know when to quit early”
    “I don’t want to waste time anymore”

    These are what people usually tell themselves when it comes to quitting.

    It can be as simple as finishing a gym rep, finishing a task, starting on a hobby, continue that language practice and the list goes on.

    After we start setting up our habits or routine, we slowly sink into our comfort zone again.

    We hardly push our limit, we stop at what was determined.

    “Running 5km every other day”, become the new level of the comfort zone and once the comfort zone gets redefined we just stay there. Without pushing.

    The same goes for businesses. We stop pushing for more after we got most of the infrastructure set up.

    We stop doing “improving” once there’s a decent amount of sale coming in.

    “Never fix what is not broken”

    This harmful phase will turn into a major procrastination after weeks. And it’s not your fault. We are programmed to stay safe and we only face risk when we are pushed to a corner. And once we’re comfortable, we are back again.

    We are programmed to such a biological and cellular level to stay alive. To stay safe. Our cells are probably not aware of how us being happy or unhappy would help but the priority to these microscopic entities is to keep us alive.

    So ask yourself, “is this all I can do?”

    I assure you most of the time the answer is no. Because we can always try harder, get up and get back into the fight.

    It’s good to be aware of what might cause us to fail.

    But never let that define you.

    Never let that keep you down.
    And never let that become an excuse.
    Stand up, become stronger.
    Clock that extra mile,
    Push yourself,
    Struggle through that language practice if you have to.
    Trust me, and your future self would be so much thankful to you.

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