Artscience Museum

    Priding itself as a "different kind" of museum, the ArtScience Museum positions itself in an interesting spot where art, science, history, and culture converge into one contemporary mix. It feels like a mixtape with different genres, yet it all comes together when you play it.

    Artscience Museum Singapore

    We headed in, and it felt like home. Down the escalators were the ticketing counters, featuring an array of contactless machines and manned counters for any inquiries. I could recall the many exhibits I've been to from here, as I have an album full of museum tickets.

    I decided to list down some of the best highlights for me over the years. I remember how it all started:

    • In 2012, I learned about Andy Warhol, a guy who later inspired me with his pop art.
    • In 2023, it felt like a different kind of adventure where I learned about the secrets of the Tomb from Mummy.
    • In 2014, from Da Vinci to 2015's Nobel Prize and Dreamworks.
    • In 2016, came Big Bang data, and how we got to see data presented in a different artistic way.
    • In 2017, I explored The Universe and Art when we were whisked away to space.
    • In 2018, I got exposed to Arts on the Streets, and how art gave the walls a voice. Or is it the other way round?
    • In 2019, I found myself down the rabbit hole in Wonderland. A shoutout to Fabulous Monster, where I fell in love with Hyunsoo Kim's breik, a highly realistic part-human-part-animal sculpture.
    • In 2020, time-traveled me into the future, where I took a glimpse at the seemingly bleak but hopeful 2219.
    • In 2021, we learned about Planet or Plastic, raising awareness about global plastic pollution.
    • In 2022, the most memorable would be the Attack on Titan exhibition, where we hosted several Discord friends and went to this museum exhibition together. It's probably the year I felt a little less alone (or lonely).
    • And in 2023...

    Even though the year hasn't ended, I figured the best one so far is a tough fight between Patricia Paccinini's and Mental. Those two were my absolute favorites.

    Looking back, goosebumps swell as I feel myself growing with the museum. As if we keep adding songs over time to the mixtape of our lives, and in each one, the different exhibitions sing different tunes and speak to different parts of us.

    We got our tickets, and for those who don't know, with the right Sands membership, you would either get a big discount or a 1-for-1 perk (The Casino one). So, this is really a great chance to expose people to the museum or attract them to try it out.

    Artscience Museum Singapore

    Most exhibitions were either underground amongst the rotunda or on the 2nd level. And my favorite would definitely be exploring the different floor spaces. I like how level 3 is always a pleasant surprise, from movies to bonus exhibits.

    Since its debut, the ArtScience Museum is more than an icon amongst the Marina cityscape; it's an exciting venue where art, history, culture, and science meet!

    Name: Artscience Museum
    Address: 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974
    Opening Hours: 10 am–7 pm

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