And Here's to 2020 in Dubai

    I moved on straight towards writing this Dubai post

    In less than 10 days, a hell of an adventure awaits, as I derailed my life again, putting myself on the likes of a minecart that would swerve me out of my comfort zone.

    I continue writing, as goosebumps along my arms rise together with my thoughts. The thought of leaving home, the thought of spending Christmas and New Year alone and away sends all sorts of fear and excitement down my throat.

    I'll be leaving South Africa on 31st December, spending New Year in the skies with Emirates as I would arrive in Dubai Airport in the wee hours of New Year Morning. I can't help but feel that I'll be lost af, as the airport might be hella empty, or hella crazy.
    I imagined the aftermath of the new year party left the streets alittle wasted, as I wondered and set up camp to wait for the sun to claim the city for the first time of the year again before I get to settle down in my hostel.

    There's still so much more that I haven't done, as I don't even know my flight details as of now. I'm in all ways unprepared. There are tons of things that are still on its way and I'm having my fingers crossed, hoping that it'll arrive before I go.

    I chose Dubai because I'm flying to South Africa via Emirates, where they provide a free layover in Dubai (only a $30 charge in between).
    I'll gladly take it for an experience in this city. And this time, I'll be all alone. Like 100% alone, in a country that I'd never thought I'll ever visit in the next 3 years at least. In a place where I know almost nothing except its name and Burj. It is, indeed as good as throwing a dart on a globe and heading right over there.

    The introvert in me rejoice, as part of me wanted to stay in on some days in Dubai. To recharge, to be away, to disconnect with the world and finally connect with myself. It is hard to describe why, but I can't help but feel that there is an important life lesson (or experience), waiting for me in Dubai.

    Of course, I'll try to chase sunrises and sunsets, and of course, Dubai would be personified and written in HER. The artist already can't wait but keep on adding artistic places to visit as I scroll in awe across the list.

    Maybe it's also a chance for me to reassure myself that I can be alone, that I can pull this off again.
    And for what it's worth, I hope I'll get to create more inspiring content to share as I'll have Dubai on the list.

    As much of a cliche it is, new year, new me.
    *fingers crossed*

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