Abandoned Structures of Pai

Pai Abandoned StructureWe were driving around Pai, exploring the outskirts of the town, driving through the various mountain range and we decided to make a pit stop at one of their quiet towns to get breakfast before we head further out for our adventure.

Upon driving across the park of this really quiet town, my buddy and I came across this abandoned building structure. I told him that it piqued my interest and I excused myself while he took a smoke after breakfast. I made my way across while observing the surrounding. 

Pai Abandoned Structure Bottom

The structure lay in a seemingly newly cleared area, there are several logs tucked at the back. There is however no machinery in sight. I'm not sure if the project just reached its checkpoint or was it put to a halt. The plants are entwining itself against the lower part of the structure, from the foundation and up, And there's a stairway leading up to the second story. I took my chance and head up.

Pai Thailand View Urbex

The view blew me away.
I overseas the whole town, this peaceful towns is so small and rural that a 2nd story build could get an unobstructed view of the mountainscape of pain. I twirl around slowly, with my camera in my hand, panning the breathtaking view.
I'm falling in love with Pai, this time only deeper.

Pai Abandoned Structure

I gestured and beckoned for my buddy to come up, to come to get a glimpse of the view. We stood there, taking in this timeless yet priceless moment. And of course, instead of just taking a moment, we took some pretty memorable shots too!

I'm so glad that we get to come across this wonderful space, and Pai just never fails to amaze me every time.

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