Yilan Books (舊書櫃)

“Wow, so you’d been to that many bookstores!”

"Yes, yes! I love visiting independent bookstores around Taiwan"

“I know the owner of ponding”

“Really?! Oh my god”

“Yes! The industry of independent bookstores is very small and most owners know each other, in fact, most of us are friends”

“That’s really so glad to hear because I love places like this!” 

“A lot of owners are barely making profit because most of us opened for ourselves, and for the people alike.”

“I know! I know!”, I proceed to explain how most industry works in Singapore. And I spazz to him about my love for independent content creators. 

Yilan Books

Oh, how I love independent music. That’s actually a story on how the love started. It is a whimsical story on ICQ with no romance but pure passion for music. Moving on, I love how the place art segmented into 3 parts, with the first segment for books, second for coffee and the third for films.

Yilan Books

Posters, merchandises, and blurays donned the area neatly as it all felt like a grey velvet room right out of a museum of Hollywood If there is. Posters come in many international versions, printed and designed in a variety of languages and print sizes there. 

Name:  Yilan Books (宜蘭 舊書櫃 人文咖啡)
Address: No. 280, Section 1, Yixing Road, Yilan City, Yilan County, Taiwan 260
Opening Hours: WED-MON (12–9pm)

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