How to Send a Proper Workaway Request

    Write Workaway ProfileAfter some research and trying out several drafts, I actually manage to come out with some of the better ways to draft a Workaway request to your list of prospective hosts.

    Even though you might not get 100%, so far I'd been getting at around 60% replies from the hosts in Taiwan.
    (It's probably either that they're friendly or I'm extremely lucky)

    But here are some of the tips should you need some help on getting replies for your Workaway volunteer request.


    1) Make it Short and Sweet

    Yes. Short and Sweet is the way to go.
    K.I.S.S. That's the rule that always works.
    Because Workaway hosts are usually swarmed with requests, sometimes it might be hard for them to go through everyone of them.
    (It'll be worse if they're popular or if you're sending in during peak season)


    2) Avoid Generic Templates Write Personally

    You can have a generic template for introduction, however, do write personally for "why" did you picked them, and "how" you can help (if applicable)

    Show some personality, tell them abit on what you can do, or maybe give them a gist of your travel plans. It'll be more personal that way.


    3) It's a Numbers Game

    As harsh as it is, it's a numbers game. Sometimes they might have missed out your message, sometimes they might be going through the messages right after a tough day of work and decided to just pick one right off the bat, sometimes they're too full to accomodate anyone else. So make sure you have at least afew more to send up to. 

    Be okay to make do with an alternative if that happens.


    4) Discuss. Tell Them Your Travel Plans

    Tell them your travel plans. I feel that this is something that most people left off.

    By telling them your travel plans not only can they help you make any necessary arrangements 

    (say helping to get a permit to climb Yu Shan), or booking that train ticket to Hualien because you can't read Chinese. It always helps to discuss with the locals.


    5) Always Ask Questions

    Ask. Ask. And always ask if you don't know. Make sure both you and your host know that you both are on the same page. Don't be shy to exchange messages to and fro, it's common to discuss, clear queries (should they need).

    Also, make sure you get back in touch nearer to the date to confirm your attendance.


    I hope these tips could help you draft out your perfect Workaway Requests! And now, go chase that travel dream of yours and don't give up. Never.

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