How to Write an Amazing Workaway Profile

    Write Workaway ProfileAfter reading guides, asking around for opinions, I have finally come to a conclusion on how to create a decent Workaway that would give you a slight edge on your Workaway profile.
    Here are some tips/pointers on how to write a workaway profile that leaves an impression!


    1. Have a balance of "who" and "why"

    Don't forget "Who are you" when you're writing on "Why are you doing this". Many of us always write about why are we doing this, namely wanting to experience something new, meet new people and learn about new culture. This "tactic" is however too saturated. 

    Instead, you should work on who you are.
    By balancing who and why, not only do you give the host a personality, but also more depth of a volunteer compared to the rest.

    Do you have any skills?
    What are your quirks?
    Any dreams?
    It's time to open up!


    2. Don't be camera shy!

    Yes! For starters upload photos that feature your face! I'm sure the hosts would like to know how you look like. Secondly, upload numerous photos that could tell your personality!

    They would definitely check your profile out, so it would be nice if they see you having fun in the waters or conquering that highest peak of Thailand.

    Make sure you have got captions on to tell your story.


    3. Use symbols to mark out/separate your writings

    Be smart, use symbols such as / \ or * to separate your writings.

    / separating your items makes it easier to read
    / they won't miss out anything if its in point form
    / it looks neater compared to a wall of text
    / you can use some *** to section out writings too


    4. Be detailed

    Be detailed in everything, write out what is your skills and how could you help them. It would be great if you can list out several of your expertise or passion which you might find it useful.
    Add links to your "portfolio" if you need.

    Most of them require help with marketing and photography, so it'll be nice if you could show them you can take a decent shot. Don't forget to mark out if you're a smoker and write it out if you have any allergies. *For example, I have drug allergy (G6PD)


    With this 4 pro-tip, I hope it'll give you a general idea on how should you create a Workaway profile.

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