Intro: Workaway Collective

    Workaway CoverI found out about workaday as I was googling and trying to find out more information about volunteering in several countries. Essentially, If you’re into “that” sort of things. I used “that” because it sure doesn’t appeal to most people. So, workaday links “travelers” up with “hosts” where you’ll exchange a little bit of help, for a bed and sometimes breakfast.

    Teach English, help out a business, play receptionist in a hotel, or even come complete their art projects with them. The skill spectrum required varies, from as little as cleaning up and facilitating check-ins, language exchanges to childcare, carpentry, and various hands-on projects. There are projects who need help from almost all over the world and there’s a gigantic host list for you to go over.

    People usually won’t take up the unstable path of the “unknown”. Yes, that quit your job route. Over the course of my life, I unexpectedly favor spiritual/personal benefit compared to monetary gains. And that being said, I finally plucked enough courage to put aside things to embark not a Workaway trip. (Though I hope this won’t be my last)

    For this collective, I’ll be sharing my workaday thoughts. places, and experiences. With this collective, I hope to share various aspects and angles of doing a workaday, from planning, execution and several guides on how to get you kickstarted. You’ll probably find summarisation of guides, Workaway plans and things to look out for while doing Workaway.

    For starters here are 3 simple steps on how to start on your Workaway adventures:
    1: Choose a country to go to
    2: Planning & Execution: Sending in Requests to Hosts
    3: Waiting, Liaising & Confirmation with the Hosts.
    And there you can get your ticket out of here and embark on the journey of your lifetime!  


    I hope this helps to answer most questions and eventually get you up and ready to embark on your very own epic journey to see the world.


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