(W)AVE 2.0 the afterthought

    Below is a write up of an interactive art installation (W)AVE 2.0 that I'd been to during Singapore Art Week, and here goes! Find out more about the event here

    I never thought I’ll be crossing our art spaces with J, but after our lunch session she asked me what I’m up to and before I know it we are onto our little art trail across the Bras Basah area.

    This space is by reservation only and I was so excited to check off this space here since I’d read about it online.

    42 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187951 Art Installation Place

    I figured I could share abit about this space itself and my experience there. Apparently this space is available for rental for art exhibitions. So any creative soul who would wanna put something up could enquire. The address of this place is 42 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187951.

    It was finally our turn after bouncing across the different exhibits in NHM. And it was also during our photography exhibit where I get to pick on J’s artistic side.

    I never know that she’s a photographer herself and she used to dabble in a lot of them. It was also from her that I learn about her frustration as a photographer as she felt that she failed to essentially capture the moment as a moment can never be fully captured.

    Be it the essence or the colors, and she is unwilling to use technology to manipulate the photos to change and adjust the colors. To each their own and her unique views actually challenged me to think about photographers in the modern days who relies a lot on tech to achieve a certain form of perfection, for aesthetic reasons.

    Back to the wave experience itself; we are made to wear gloves and vests which reacted to lights across the room. We could see a lamp lowering itself at first, with the white noises of the forest creeping in from all sides. Curious, we all move towards the light, hovering our hands around it like campers seeking for sources of heat.

    The vibration tingled the tip of my fingers, sending a sensation across my palms, simulating a form of unseen energy.

    (W)AVE 2.0

    The light source went off after when beams of light came out from different places and synth music blared across the dark room. Like a room right out of black mirror, we are thrown across the cosmos as the music went through different beats, from something unsettling, to something soothing, it felt like we are weathering across the different moods of the oceans.

    It was an interesting feeling from what we perceived, to how we both discussed and how it felt like to each of our own. Of how everyone could be misinterpreted or misunderstood to how we might never, know what’s there until we really reach out. We never know we could interact with light in such manner as this experimental space made light felt tangible for the first time.

    (W)AVE 2.0

    Everything came full circle after when the lamp comes down before it all ends. I guess it felt like a less darker way to wrap up on things, as we would eventually find our way back home to where our heart is… right?


    To share more, (W)AVE 2.0 is created by the tactitly of light where they challenges to make light "touchable", through haptic features, in thought provocative artistic installations!

    Visit their Instagram Here

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