Urban Nomad Freakout

I saw this event online by chance, as I was going through Facebook during that once in a blue moon. I love their posters and their theme, and I have seen their previous events before, and I totally dig the art style.

Perhaps to me, the event felt a little like it is being oversold.

There are a lot of foreigners here, and it almost felt like a foreign community. I felt alittle out f place with the strange mix of demographics, and the introvert in me took over as I became the quite and insecure person that I am. Apart from that, everything else is pretty standardized with the white tents lining in near organized form, selling food and merchandise.  

The main stage looks really cool with the metallic space theme and the occasional light. It is usually crowded, however, I like how the crowd isn't too squeezy, and we all have some sort of a space to move around at least.

Next comes the "secondary stage', the one which is held inside a room. The humble space, but the music is still as unrivaled as the ones outside. The extra performance space gave us a choice and I found myself darting between these 2 performance spaces.

Finally, the circus stage which comes with a scheduled dose of circus acts. This stage definitely stole the show! Watching them performing out of the world and amazing feats from the silk to fire show. I honestly wish there would be more of this actually!

I felt out of the world at the same time as I skier stood st the back among other wallflowers who are there alone. It is funny how the introversion took me over here and I found myself unable to say that hi again.

Perhaps I didn’t want to ruin the moment, however, there’s this fleeting beauty in enjoying music alone. There are various introverts as well, and some in groups, enjoying and vibing in their own world. As much as it might felt that you have to make friends at the festival, yet it is also okay if you did not.

I love the whole spectrum, unbeknownst to me; from the folk music with a funk touch to the metallica song that comes with a country tune. This whole festival comes with a very versatile audio palette.

I rotate back and forth between the main stage and the other one situated in the room. Probably termed the room as the "disco" room as there is a very eye-catching disco ball hanging there. The artists there are one of the kind as well, rotating between rock and roll beats from a Harvey rider to some electro-acoustics. I love the final performance and I was so glad that I stayed. I was graced by this magnificent band that dabbles and danced his fingers across those electro beats, dragging its tune across the roof, across the floors, as he whipped his hair in ecstasy. It was an unforgettable experience

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