Travel Withdrawal

Coming back here, I would have to sort myself out. I'm back to Singapore.
Back to my problems, back to my sorry life, back to feeling lost.

It didn't make it any better when the people here act as if as I'd never left. I have this urge to scream my stories in their faces, tell them all the amazing people that I'd rubbed shoulders with along my voyage, or even send them off to one themselves.

It was pretty numb for me when I said my goodbyes. I sat on the plane, oblivious to the fact that I'm heading back. The days drifted as I stayed unmotivated and lost. Depression hits me and I find myself in a series of waves of motivations, and not.

For starters, I'm a man with ideas. Maybe too much for my own good. Not bragging, but my brain spins around pretty fast as there are countless things in my brain. It is actually a bad thing, because I have issues focusing. Darting from projects to projects, I have a huge issue on focusing, and this withdrawal only makes everything so difficult.

My mind is dying to cling on anything short of a miracle that allows me to travel, and I can't seem to fully grasp on something that I would truly work on. My mind's constantly on the next travel plan.
However alas, I have decided to take on a motorcycle license while I continue to work on my project from there.
My Youtube channel is badly delayed, my commercial projects are stuck.

I'll have to get back up and keep going.
And The World, I'll see you again.

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