Totoro Bus Stop

Enter one of Taichung’s quietest bus stop which brings smiles and joy to every visitors alike! Along Qiaocheng Road stands the infamous Studio Ghibli’s No Face and Titan-like Totoro. And YES I love Studio Ghibli, so I definitely have to check this place out! RIGHT?!

It’s amazing how accurate the models are recreated and it’s also adorable how the gold pieces are removable from No-Face’s hands. (But don’t go stealing!)

Totoro Bus Stop Taichung

I had quite a lot of fun in the late afternoon as I helped random strangers with their shots, share props and even partake in some myself! It is in its own unique way better than those usual 3D Gallery as there’s a tinge of nostalgia about this bus stop.

However, the bus stop isn’t all!
It is however probably the most “insta-famous” spot. It is a pity that many of his work goes unnoticed! Especially the work in progress Harry Potter Cafe and his life-size Iron Man Mark 1 Model.

Home Doctor Iron Man Mark I

I ventured into his workshop and we started our little chatter! He’s a really soft-spoken and humble man, with an amazing heart to create props, figures, and models out of his passion.

Harry Potter Cafe

We were then allowed to check out his Work-in-Progress Harry Potter Cafe, which looks amazing but the way! And I'll be sure to drop by when he's done!
I'll leave their details below so everyone could at least check out this unsung hero.
His work deserves some shoutout!

Harry Potter Cafe

Name: Totoro Bus Stop (大里龍貓公車站)
Address: No. 133, Qiaocheng Road, Dali District, Taichung City, 412

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