To Keep Writing and Keep Going

I’m basically dead back in here.

Most of my friends could tell.

I probably had a lot of writings denoting my “death” here and I’m holding onto my next adventure in place.

Tons of writing left unfinished, I’m just drifting again and I write every now and then, only to find them unpublished.

I’m unmotivated.

Or rather, I’m so caught up that I don’t have any time to write. I’m always trying to multitask over a Netflix movie, I’m always reading articles while a video blared random snippets of information.

I’m trying too much.

And it is exhausting.

It is in fact ultimately funny that I’m writing this right now without any internet connection because I’m stuck way at the back of the Malaysian custom. The queue is crazy back here and I don’t have any internet connection to make up for it. Or rather I forced myself not to.

Then I’ll have to read, to finish that ebook or the lack of distraction will make me finish my work.

I have been a lot more lax, I told myself to work for the motorcycle license so I can farm fodder cash via food deliveries. With the gold mine still going strong, it was my way out of here.

But I have to constantly tell myself it’s not just that.

My contents sit gathering dust and I haven’t found a proper time to work on it.

Catch ups and game nights with my boys, eyeing on the market while I stood frozen helplessly at the sideline while the candles bleed.

I need to get a grip to work on.

My channel and content await and the pages in my stories are waiting for me to blow the dust away. To be read, to be seen to be spread. And these stories are what makes my life a wee bit meaningful.

And I'll definitely keep going, and one day I'll get everything one and going. Not just any one day, but I will be working on it. Definitely.

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