Supreme Harmony Charcoal Copper Hotpot Katong

    It’s been a long time since I’d last seen and hung out with JR. You guys probably know him from my Thailand road trip vlogs. After our adventures across the mountains, we came back, numbing ourselves with everyday work and responsibilities. And before we know it, time molded us same as everyone else…

    Supreme Harmony Charcoal Copper Hotpot 太和木炭铜火锅KATONG

    You know when you see a close friend again, akin to sparks reigniting. The synapse brought up memories of our travel hangout. How we used to have our $1 breakfast to kickstart our day, explored one of Asia’s largest cave openings, trekked the mountains along the borders, and even crossed the borders over to Laos and Myanmar and back.

    Seeing our $1 breakfast, we’d usually go for cheap food. Until today when we decided to live it up a little when we reconnect as a celebration.

    Supreme Harmony Charcoal Copper Hotpot 太和木炭铜火锅KATONG Food

    With both of our delicate Chinese barely able to save our lives, we head over to this “mala place” that JR shared; turning out to be a hotpot restaurant.

    It was empty, and we loved it, and we hopped in.

    I love how we are charged only $1 for condiments with unlimited refills and the same goes for drinks with free refill that sets you back at $2. You’re able to choose from plum and lime juice.

    The meats are at $7.8 per dish and the other dishes are at $2.6. I’d say the portion is pretty generous. Also, the duo soup base combo is $8. It was far more than a decent meal for us; more like a feast as we catch up while we cooked. I’m glad we picked the spiceless chicken broth for one of them.

    Supreme Harmony Charcoal Copper Hotpot 太和木炭铜火锅KATONG Outdoor Seating

    If I’m looking for a decent location to catch up that’s not too crowded or noisy, this would probably be one of my considerations. I like how we are able to talk and make ourselves at home.

    Name: Supreme Harmony Charcoal Copper Hotpot 太和木炭铜火锅KATONG店
    Reservation Hotline: +65 9299 9521
    Address: 188L Tanjong Katong Rd, #01-01, Singapore 437156
    Opening Hours: 11 am–3 am

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