Tianliao Moon World (田寮月世界)

    I was actually introduced to this amazing place by Anne and little did I know that I’ll have such a blast here.

    I haven’t got much planned out instead of just museums, galleries and art spaces (I know I can be a little too nerdy and boring), but I decided to visit the “moon” because the moon itself meant something to me.

    As a Cancerian, we’re always drawn to the moon. The dreamer in us lives in the galaxy lightyears away and the glittery abyss never fails to draw us in.

    It was not easy to get to the spot, taking into consideration that the bus comes one every few hours. The waiting time then was an hour and a half wait for us but we decided to wait anyway. We found ourselves pacing around the vicinity only to find nothing entertaining before we sat back. The roads were empty and cabbies are everywhere, trying to poach you into taking a “private taxi.”

    “We could wait”, I smiled and said.

    One of them actually recommended the Siaogangshan Skywalk, which is only afew bus stops away but lied and said that the place isn’t reachable by bus. A few minutes of Google search proved them wrong. We didn’t change our plans anyway and decided to just wait.

    Tianliao Moonworld

    First Impression? I love the hues of grey when we’re there. 

    Tianliao Moon World Guide Map

    The place speaks of a post-apocalyptic theme. There is almost nothing except for afew food stalls there. The visitor center is virtual of almost non-existent with only a couple inside a small room. We told them we wished for a penny machine if they ever have a chance to add something new. 

    The hike was amazing, except that the two stairway was cordoned off. The ominous tape and barricade said not but I’m not going back without hiking to the top. 

    I thought all hopes were lost when everyone (only a family and a couple) who visited turned back after a stroll around the park. We decided to ask the local construction workers nearby and they gave a green light to one of them. Which is relatively “safer”. And we head on up while feeling badass. The proud sense of achievement as we are the only ones pushing through the barricade as we went under the tapes, the sights were amazing.

     Tianliao Moon World

    I’ll just let the photo do the talking. 

    Tianliao Moonworld 

    We came down after brunch on top of the mountains, only to find ourselves a little in-between time for the bus timing again. We sat at by the bench for around 30minutes before I decided to try out hitchhiking.

    And after 15 minutes of waving, we met a kind soul who not only gave us a ride to the outskirts of town (which the next bus come in 5minutes after), he even treated us an ice cold red tea! 

    Despite the long wait, I didn’t regret coming here, and in fact, I’ll be more than happy to come here again sometime in the future and maybe stay till evening so I could see how it’ll look like at night. I love the gritty and crunchy mountains against the dry up lakes, as if there are no signs of life here. However, there are several greeneries growing on the mountains. It might be a good climate now for some greens to grow, but it’ll probably be perfect if the greens are out of the way. 

    Name: Tianliao Moon World (田寮月世界)
    Address: No.36, Yueqiu Rd., Tianliao Dist., Kaohsiung City 823, Taiwan

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