The Way You Travel

There's no right and wrong from how you travel.

Throughout my life and journey, I have met numerous people, all of them amazing and unique in their own way.

My way of traveling is in a way alittle unorthodox compared to most people. I love traveling for a much longer period of time. Staying longer allows me to immerse into the culture, allows me to meet more travelers who share the same sentiments.

I love meeting locals, having them show me their favorite diners, their "go-tos", their stories. I love going to museums, checking out independent diners/cafes and chatting with the owners over a drink or even getting a private tour if fate allows.

The list goes on, but that's what I love about traveling. The experiences, and the stories. To me, I felt that no amount of money could buy a travel experience like this.

On the contrary, I usually try to avoid "touristy" places. I don't do too well with crowds and tour buses. Sure tours are consistent and convenient, whilst traveling with your friends put you abroad within your comfort zone. But it is alittle different for me when enjoy traveling the "not-so-touristy" way.

I have met people who prefer the convenient way of traveling too. Shopping, eating great food, staying in posh hotels and visiting famous Instagram spots around the globe. Going to theme parks, partying at night clubs, going to places and spots that have been widely publicized by social media.

As much as it is fulfilling for them, it is pretty much not for me. For me, the story itself is important, and it is truly, unique at its core. I recounted how I met someone in the streets of Taiwan and she bought me to her go-to diner in Shilin. I too even bought a guy that I met while he's playing Pokemon Go to my favorite museum of Taipei. There's also this Auntie who gave me a tour while we're on the bus in Saigon.

At the very end, there are always travelers and tourists. And also there are people who see traveling as a holiday, and there are others who see traveling as a journey.

So how do you travel?

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