The Conjuring Universe Tour KL

    After our meal at the Flint, we finally made our way to the upper level of The Curve for the Conjuring exhibit. Yes, the official Conjuring exhibition that showcases the cases and works of the Warrens.

    "Sure, we're gonna do this, right?"

    "There's no going back."

    We joked about how scared we were, but I was actually terrified inside, while Robs was keeping a brave face.

    We scanned our tickets and stowed our backpacks in the lockers, arriving at the waiting area. It appeared that the experience was organized in 30-minute sessions.

    The Conjuring Universe Tour Kuala Lumpur Waiting Area

    We were also asked if we needed the restroom, as the experience lasted about 40 minutes. We initially declined, but later changed our minds, fearing we might get too scared and have an accident. When we returned with empty bladders and hearts pounding, we found out that we were the only ones there. Little did we know that experiencing this by ourselves would be quite amazing, with a sense of exclusivity.

    The Conjuring Universe Tour Kuala Lumpur

    We were led into a video room where I paced around nervously, like a cat, waiting for any sudden movements or jump scares. The lockers behind us only added to my paranoia.

    "Are you sure no one is back there ah? What if someone jumps out?"

    Our guide laughed and gestured for me to sit down. Oddly enough, this made me even more anxious. Helps!

    We moved through a variety of rooms, and at this point, I wondered what I should write about. Much of it was about the experience, how they immersed us in the lore of the Conjuring universe. We learned a bit about the history of Annabelle, the infamous Warrens' basement filled with relics and horrifying artifacts.

    The Conjuring Universe Tour Kuala Lumpur Annabelle

    There were rooms where we had time to look around, interact with items and objects, blurring the line between reality and the experience. I truly appreciated the effort put into this exhibit, from the impressive props to the lifelike machinery, likely equipped with motion sensors to enrich the experience.

    "So, this is our last stop before we enter the house. Once inside, no phones will be allowed—no photos or videos. You can take as many photos as you want here, feel free to explore a bit. Let me know when you're ready to proceed."

    The Conjuring Universe Tour Kuala Lumpur

    The clothesline fluttered in the wind, the shadow of a hanging figure looming over us, and it was hard to believe that everything was indoors. After we finished exploring, we stashed our phones and entered the house.

    From this point on, it was the unknown that truly scared us. Without our phones or any source of light, we walked in the dark with a lantern, quickly immersing ourselves in the Conjuring universe. What followed felt like a whirlwind of horrors and scares through animatronics, sound, and 3D renders. I'd say go in blind, and you'll find yourself on a thrilling ride.

    The Conjuring Universe Tour Kuala Lumpur The Nun Valek Pop Mart

    We left the Conjuring tour happier than expected, with the characters and oddities now holding more meaning for us. I even brought home an adorable Valek PopMart as a souvenir!


    Name: The Conjuring Universe Tour (Malaysia)
    Address: The Curve Shopping Mall, Mutiara Damansara Petaling Jaya, Selangor
    Opening Hours: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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