The 3 Types of Dreamers

    This thought came to me whilst running, and I figured I'll dig deeper as I decided to write about it. This is a pinch of salt that would sprinkle a tinge of reality with a tinge of whiskey and a tinge of pain. And I hope it'll inspire you, in one way or another.

    So... There are 3 types of Dreamers, and let's discuss, shall we?

    1) The Non-Dreamers
    It is funny to start an article about dreamers with the non-dreamers, but the ones without are also part of the spectrum on the other side of the coin. They are the cogs and gears of the society, and if you're ever into Seneca's writing, they'll be of utmost clearly defined. That makes the bulk of the society and most of us. Because at the end of the day, I believe we do have some aspects of the Non-Dreamers in one way or another.

    The ones who want to just kick back and relax, thinking that its fair to pay 5 days just to get 2 back. The ones who feel that money is the ultimate problem solver, the realism of it all by flaunting material goodies which represent their self worth or even happiness.

    They won't dwell about problems but would rather much complain about office politics, paycheck, and the "incompetency" of their bosses over any philosophical discussion. They are the maidens who'd nothing to give except their bodies and men who chase skirts, fame, and money, but eventually get none of it. They would be the one swiping on tinder, mistaking flirtatious lies as banters. They would complain about their predicament, about how the others are "lucky", and they are not. Maybe the years of working made them forget about how she wanted to be a ballerina, how he, an astronaut, and how they want to backpack across the whole of Europe.

    They like to use "If only" as if this cursed disenchantment is cast by the Universe against them together with their bad stroke of luck. But eventually, it'll turn to "life happens", as they ultimately forget, when the sea claims back their dreams.

    There's a beauty too, in switching off; as the saying goes, "you don't know what you don't know". Perhaps, it is in a way, a type of Happiness. They're the ones who build the boat, without bothering what is it for as long as they're paid. They would be the ones who'll spend the weekends by the beach building sandcastles with their children who would be as clueless as they are about what's out there beyond the horizon.

    2) The Dreamers Without Actions
    They are master manipulators, the ones who could whisk you away with words. They're the ones who could layout dreams on a paper, as you would watch in awe when the origamis rose to life at his words. You thought they have so much potential, but it is only as paper as his words. The success felt so real, you felt like they could really be the captain that brings you across the rough waves, and you'll never look back, but their passion is only as good when the moon calms down the tide.

    They are however broken inside, the spark isn't strong enough to kick start their engine; for there is a component of courage missing from the mix. Some, fallen into the abyss, swallowed by depression, some being tempted by having half of them in the realm of the non-dreamers. And similar to non-dreamers, they're the ones with thousands of excuses that never get them started.
    That we would never know, but dreams, if never spoken aren't even half real. So at least there's that. It'll always be that soft whisper of a fight that can't throw a punch strong enough to go against the winds. How would a sail like that be enough to brave the storm within?

    They are the ones who tried sailing on the boat but gave up too early due to fear. They're as good as sailors who dream of the voyage but didn't go beyond the shores. They have dreams to go beyond, but their heart didn't beat with enough rage to break free.

    3) The Ones Who Acts On Their Dreams
    Behold the real magicians, the ones who made it happened, the ones who revolutionized the world, the ones who lead the sheep. We all got eyes on them, but yet we learn nothing from them. They are the ones who're living the dreams while others slog to be of service, to help pile bricks on their castle, not their own. But they have the vision, the dream, the treasure map and the way to make it happen.

    They're the ones who're courageous enough to brave storms instead of tossing about by the coast in circles before complaining about their predicament. The ones who create and design boats, the ones who constantly challenge themselves.

    They would pull you along if you could, force you onto their boat, take you on that crazy rollercoaster that you thought you'll never live when the boat rocks so intensively and you thought they're going to break. "Ah the greatest test of the mind", they'd say with one arm holding on whiskey, the other on the binoculars of their dreams. It is said to have magic, as one of the sailors tried to sneak a peek but see nothing. So was there anything at all? Or just gusto poetry that rouse people to push across all oddity that try to set us back? I guess we have to keep fighting to find out.


    I wrote this with a tinge of poetry, and perhaps that's just me. I hope by dousing the essay with poetry would better help you to see. That there is more than just beyond the horizon than sunsets and moonbeams. That there are distant worlds across that hold our dreams. And perhaps all of us are just one fight away, to making it all happen. It is, however, an ecosystem of the 3, to hold the world together, but then again, which one would you like to be?

    This was inspired by one of my personal writing titled "Da Capitan". Now you know where all the sailing references came from! 

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