The 11 Dream Workaway Plans Around Taiwan.

    Dream Workaway Taiwan PlanI never know I'll actually try planning a trip around Taiwan.
    Literally, around various parts of Taiwan.
    (Though I really wish I would have a chance to do the whole of Taiwan one day)

    For me, the criteria for these highlights would be as such
    1) Amount of Feedbacks and how it is to stay there
    2) Types of Help needed (Definitely be more inclined to work on Art Projects!) 
    3) Location and Accessibility 
    4) Schedule
    (Shifts, Work days and Off days)

    To sum up, on this trip, this is what I'll probably aim for if the stars align. Even though I might have to cut my trip short due to possible time constraint, and the beautiful element of surprise from the universe.

    As there are around 90 Workaways listed around the whole of Taiwan, most of them (more than half) belonged to the more well-known cities, such as Taipei and Hualien.

    After going through all of them, these are the 11 amazing Workaways from Taiwan that would probably serve as the highlights of anyone who's looking to travel to these counties/cities/town of Taiwan.

    So for my plan currently I'll try to make a loop around Taiwan, starting from Taipei, and since I have gotten a one way ticket, I'll try to stay as long as I can while I write to the other Workaway around the cities as I go and hopefully I'll have enough time, and money to check out as many as I could! I have sent in my request with my fingers crossed, so let's hope they could take me in!

    So here are the "best" Workaways to go around Taiwan in if you would ask me :D


    1: Volunteer in a Hostel in Taipei City!

    Take your pick for this one, but I would say this is the heartwarming one that chose me so I'm all for this accommodation!

    They are nice enough to even let me put my baggage before I head out to Shifen to experience the Ping Xi Festival. 

    Helping out at the hostel is the ideal way to start, you'll share a dorm room with several travelers, interact with guests and staff alike, exchange culture and talk about your travel stories.
    Since Taipei is the heart of Taiwan, it's the best way to start the ball rolling!

    2: Help Out With Marketing Keelung, Taiwan's Port City 

    Nothing beats having some marketing gig while volunteering! This is where you get to warm up on your creativity, starts writing, being more mindful and aware while you note down the little tiny details of what makes the city unique.

    And this is maybe where you get to understand the place a little more, perhaps deeper, as you're made to write, create contents, express and bring out the hidden inner beauty of the town.
    *Keelung is also near Jiufen and Shifen

    3: Bask in Tranquility while helping out in Yilan

    From Keelung, we move further down to Yilan, where we get to experience the quiet. Hangout and joke with elderly, help out with eco-projects and enjoy the morning mountain air.

    Yilian would bring you some tranquility after days of dealing with the crowd. You could definitely use some peace.

    4: Dance with the stars and mountains at Hualien

    After Chiang Khong, I miss the stars terribly. And seeing that this one have a pretty good roof overviewing the mountains under the glittery skies, I can't resist.

    I'm sending to this one with both of my fingers crossed hoping that I get them. This is a tea themed hostel, so picked up some tea while you're at it!

    5: Learn to Surf & Enjoy Aboriginal Music in Taitung

    Venturing from Hualien, we move towards the coast. The surfers, musicians, the rugged yet beautiful art scene coated with the infamous black sand beach.

    Helping out at a surf house in Taitung (Dulan) would definitely be an eye-opener! This also might be a good chance to play tag with the waves and hopefully get rid of my fear of waters!

    6: Live in the Arts & Culture Centre in the heart of Ping Tung 

    This hidden gem tucked at the corner of Taiwan shouldn't be missed if you're looking for something different. You'll be helping out and staying in a cozy private room of the Arts and Culture Centre, where you would get in touch with the core and diverse roots of Southern Taiwan.

    There are various sights nearby that's worth a look on your days off too.

    7: Help out in the main Island of Peng Hu (Magong City)

    If you have time to head over to Peng Hu Island, this is yet another amazing experience to clock. Even though it might seem similar to Taitung (beach and coastal area), Peng Hu is an archipelago of 90 islands and islets!

    So, put on your gear, go Island Hopping and dive into the calm waters.
    *Not sure if I'd got time (or balls) for this

    8: Dive into Coffee Business in Kaohsiung

    Complete your Taiwan Loop by helping out in Coffee Business! Learn the art of making coffee and the science of running the business here~
    These handy skills will stay with you for life! 

    Did I mention you only have to help out for 4 days for this? 
    This gives you 3 full days to explore Kaohsiung!

    9: Pick up Yoga at Tainan

    After hustling in the cafe, time to take a notch back down in the soothing Yoga Studio. Not only do they come with free Yoga Classes, you're also allowed to take their bikes out for a ride.

    For guys, this is your chance to meet a Lululemon Taiwan meimei :D

    10: Dabble with Photography, Arts and Muay Thai at Taichung!

    Now that you're all stretched, not only do you get to try out Photography and various art project, this hostel comes with Muay Thai classes as well!

    The host seems extremely friendly and this is definitely a must go if you're going to hit Taichung! I'm hoping I'll get this gig too because there isn't much alternative in Taichung

    11: Helping out at a boutique hotel at Tao Yuan!

    Situated at only 15minutes away from the airport, this gig is the perfect cherry on top despite having no reviews. You'll get a private room yourself at the boutique hotel and you only have to do check in and cleaning (as per usual). You'll get ample alone time to recharge, chill, write and even just walk around the city and bask in the ambiance of Taiwan one last time before your flight back.

    And you won't have to worry about being late for your flight since you're just 15mins away!


    I hope this post would help shed some light for those who're looking at doing Workaways in Taiwan! And let me know if you're going to try out this dream plan. I would love to hear your stories!

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