Take That Risk

    You, yes you.
    I'm talking to you.

    The "You" that has always been playing it safe. The you that had been always staying in your comfort zone.
    The you that have always dreamt.

    You'd got goals, you'd got passions, and you'd got places to go. But you're just afraid to leave.
    Yes, that's you.
    And that's me.
    We aren't that special actually.
    It's normal.

    We all have so many things that we dreamt about, so many things that we always want to set out to do. But we never did.

    Taking out rollerblading? How about another day.
    Pushing that extra mile in the next run? Ankle seems tired, maybe another time.
    Going to the gym? I just ate an hour again.

    The excuses go on and on and on. And then comes the technological distractions of games, social media and what not why we stay sane. Barely sane.

    There isn't a perfect day to get started of course. You won't be at the peak of the magnificent mountains dressed to your nines. You'll be there, drenched in your sweat and tears, your eyes barely opened as fatigue starts kicking in. You hoisted yourself up and felt the breath of fresh air boot you back up alive. You blinked, and you blinked again, looking at the unimaginable feat that you'd achieved.
    You're at the top.

    There are so many things out there waiting for us. So don't let anything stop us, from taking the risk.
    Go for it, take a leap of faith.
    Put aside whatever you can risk, invest, trade. Take that time off to try out something you'd been wanting to. Get your hands dirty, dabble in some crafts that'll surprise you.

    Life is definitely more rewarding and fulfilling that way. And you'll always want an amazing story to tell. To yourself, or others.
    So here's to taking that risk to create more amazing stories!

    And come share with me in the comments if you could!
    It'll be amazing to hear'em.

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