Taiwan Planning Status

    Taiwan Planning Status WanderlustIt’s about 3 weeks to go when I’m writing this log. Everything felt surreal, so close yet so far away.

    Status so far: I have finally manage to secure 2 Locations in Taipei, I'll try to work out a schedule with them before heading over to Hualien.
    After which, looping through the bottom part of Taiwan before ending my trip at Hualien

    [HELP] Oh please let me know if you know any cheap/convienient way to travel from Taipei to Hualien > Taitung > Taichung and back!
    [需要幫忙] 如果您知道有什麼便宜跟方便的搭車方式請告訴我!

    My plan is to currently round up a substantial amount of places before I'll section out my days. After sectioning out, I'll try my best to conquer as many places as possible. Food and Shopping aren't actually my priorities since I prefer experiences instead! 

    I'll also discuss this with my hostel and see if there are any recommendations :D

    Feel free to recommend me places as long as
    / Near Taipei Area (takes around maximum an hour commute)
    / Anything cultural or local <3
    / Arts, I LOVE ARTS
    / Anything that's not in the list but you would think it's good
    / Abandoned places or anything odd for Urban Exploration
    / Waterfalls, Mountains. I love exploring nature too!
    / Since I'm on a budget, good cheap food ><
    / A cafe that is quiet


    Since I’m focusing on the 4 weeks in Taipei, I’ll be planning out most of the places there as the other places might have to wait before the plans can fall in place.

    1. My eyes are only on the stars for Hualien, but Taroko Gorge and possibly Zhuili would be on my list. I’ll need help closer to the date to uncover more hidden gems.
    2. I’m on the fence for Taitung and I’ll see what brings me from there.
    3. For Taichung, I’m very keen to do Urbex there if fate allows. 

    I’ll leave a Google Map of mine here:
    Link: Taiwan Planning Google Map 


    :: Some Places I have got planned out ::

    I love arts, always. I'll always check out museums with contemporary/fine arts. I had also noticed that after googling there are only several commercialized/popular ones which are mostly featured. I actually found afew hidden gems from scrolling across the map of taipei myself instead! Such examples are, taipei astronomical museum/taipei design museum/postal museums etc.

    • MoCA Taipei
    • Taipei Fine Arts Museum
    • Postal Museum
    • Yuyu Yang Museum 
    • Asia Art Center (Taipei)
    • Songshan Creative Park
    • Huashan 1914 Creative Park
    • Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
    • Several more listed on my map


    * [Nature Exploration: Hiking/Trekking] *
    I'm a fan of nature and exploration! So I would love to know if you have any to share.

    • Elephant Mountain
    • Yangming shan
    • Jiandaoshi shan (using jinmian shan trail)
    • Jinmian shan (using jinmian shan trail)
    • Sun Moon Lake


    * [Urban Exploration: Urbex] *
    Yes. I didn't know about this term until I accidentally stumbled upon an abandon mall and prison with my friend in Chiang Mai, after which I'm really hooked onto Urbex! Maybe I'll write about it too when I cross out these amazing places of oddity. Any place old, abandoned, strange, weird goes onto the list here for me.

    • 100 Year Old Bomb Shelter
    • Wan Li UFO Village
    • Treasure Hill Artists Village
    • Toad Mountain Area
    • *Encore Theme Park
    • *Qianyue Building 


    * [CAFES] *

    After a tough day at the hostel/after a day out hiking and exploring, I'll love to find a quiet place to settle down, to write. I'll love to spend some time at somewhere quiet, or maybe I'll see if there's anything around the corner. 
    Hit me up if you know anywhere with good coffee! (I love them black, so Americano please hehehe)

    • Tamed Fox


    * [MUSIC] *

    I love indie music, mostly shoegaze/alternative/dream pop, so if you know of any places with good live music please let me know too :D

    • The Wall Live House 這牆音樂
    • WITCH HOUSE 女巫店




    Other Considerations:
    i’m little on the fence for National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium and also going over to Peng Hu (as I’ll only have a day to explore there)
    My 2 weeks are still really flexible as I haven’t got much plans locked in yet, feel free to write in if you have any recommendations.


    Travel Calendar
    19 Feb - 19 March: Taipei
    20 March - 03 April: Flexible for now
    04 - 17 April: Hualien

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