Tainan Art Museum (M2)

Thanks to one of the guests that I met, who told me that it’s opened, I started my day by heading to M2. M2, also known as Tainan Art Museum 2 (Building 2), is a contemporary/fine art museum with a huge number of galleries.

Tainan Art Museum Building 2 M2 Atrium

This could actually be one of the largest art museums in Tainan because of their huge amount of galleries. (Though Chimei have their very own park area which gives it a very unique experience)

Tainan Art Museum Building 2 M2 Gallery

The first 2 floors which are currently open actually consist of galleries that are listed alphabetically. I actually like this concept as it’s easier and more intuitive to follow the alphabets as I was going through the museum.

Tainan Art Museum Building 2 M2 Gallery

Each gallery comes with a huge exhibition space like the one above!

They also have a really nice cafe area for you to snooze under the comfort of hot coffee and a cozy ambiance while you seek refuge from the afternoon heat.

I then checked out the top floor which consists of a restaurant and a roof garden. The roof gives you an amazing view of Tainan with several garden area to wander about.

M2 and Chimei are probably the 2 art galleries that you should consider checking out if you’re ever looking for Art Spaces to visit here! But if you have to go with one that’s learning more to an art park with street vibes, why not give the Blueprint Cultural and Creative Park a try?!

Name: Tainan Art Museum Building 2 M2 (臺南市美術館二館)
Address: No. 1, Section 2, Zhongyi Road, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan 70041
Opening Hours: THU-TUES (9am–5pm)

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