SUPERSPACE Singapore StoreOrchard road is no doubt a shopper’s paradise. But amongst all the branded and label lies SUPERSPACE, a specially curated space with all things bubble gum and cotton candy with a touch of cool.

    If you’re looking to give your wardrobe a breath of new personality. This is absolutely right space. The neon swirl of colors reeled me in at first, but it is ultimately the products that got me to stay.

    SUPERSPACE Entrance Singapore Store

    Pro tip: Never underestimate the power of the $40 discount rack (while stock lasts)

    I was telling my friends that I won’t be buying anything new for Chinese New Year and the next thing I know; I came across SUPERSPACE. Within minutes, I was running my fingers across the racks, discount baskets, tracing my fingers over neon prints and reflective denim. I take my word back. Because I am totally sold.

    SUPERSPACE Joy Rich Kult Rack

    I couldn’t get my eyes off the Kult pieces and I ended up buying one myself. I’m a fan of Kult since my school days and I remember always looking out for their underrated magazine. Distributed via several fashion and lifestyle store, those magazines got me to dig deeper into art.

    Back to SUPERSPACE, I started going through their crazy array of clothing, from the likes of Joy Rich, KTZ, and many other flamboyant labels.

    SUPERSTORE Street Label Collection

    As a Jeremy Scott fanboy, I would say his collection would fit right into this amazing space. This shop literally is curated for me with lively colors and the unique style. I was literally a little boy in the candy shop as I go to and fro the fitting room. And I decided to snag a Kult's tee shirt to show my support :D

    You might wanna to drop by SUPERSPACE If loud colors are your fashion statement. I’ll leave the details below before I go!
    Cheers :D

    Address: 277 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway, #02-18, 238858
    Opening Hours: Mon - Sat (10:30am–8pm)


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