Sunset on the way to Odaiba

In another Universe, bounded by the same time, I found myself again along the river that told me so many stories. The Sumida river felt like a never-ending timeline of my love story, as most of my intense moments flow there. Perhaps it's the essence of time, how it flows down, across the whole river, my world with yours, and hers and ours.

It is years down the road from before, when I thought I couldn't love again. I'm much in the present now, but it is the presence of my current past. A less distant history, but yet another chapter that had been closed. A "more" present past, which doesn't exist now, and a less distant past from my current present.

Sunset Sumida Odaiba

We're hanging out at Asakusa when our walks bought us right to Sumida again. Tokyo is a city that held so many of my stories, each within their little streets, interweaving with whispers beyond time. We decided to be adventurous and take alittle boat down over to Odaiba to spend the evening and night. Being a thalassophile who can't swim, I sure love the stingrayish frontal design of the boat!

Taking from the Asakusa Pier, the Mizube Cruise Line runs towards Odaiba and sometimes to Kasai Rinkai Park; another amazing place to check out. Love panoramic windows that gave us amazing views. It was yet another fairytale, or was it always when I'm in Tokyo? My mind has been overlapped with so much memories that everything felt so vivid and fuzzy at the same time.

I still remember that day, my phone didn't have enough battery, and you're kind enough to lend me yours to go around. I never thought we would fit so well as travel buddies. Every day was so joyous with your giggle and laughter, and you never fail to plant a smile on my face. I was lucky to have a chapter with you.

Sunset Sumida Odaiba

But that night... I figured I was oblivious too, for what it has to come. The foreshadowing from the dark cracks in the skies couldn't tell me much as I couldn't seem to read the secrets of the heavens. However, the sunset that day was unforgettable. It felt like I pull it right out of a beautiful washi tape, and its memory forever frozen there, like ours. You know how the designs in the washi tapes change or move as we pull the tape longer and longer. And I could see how the different cues of warm and cold waltz with each other, to a soothing ballad orchestrated by the ocean. The waves rising with a symphony of an unsung song across the cosmos.

Sunset Sumida Odaiba

I love how we road across the waves, as we were being carried across the times, towards the end of time. The sun this time is partially/mostly hidden, however, I could see her flair stretched across the skies, embracing the cityscape. And for once I could see the washi tape of time flashing across me, the good times and the bad. And I'm glad that I'm in the present, enjoying this moment with you now.

We did have our first mishap later, where we ran for the last train. We spent alittle too long for our post-dinner night stroll. It was a crazy night, because of the quiet, how it felt like it is us against the world. That night, it's just us, when the world went to sleep... when it's just us, makes it alittle more special of a memory to keep as I was looking at you, panting inside the lift. Another peculiar way to document a sunset, but sometimes it's better to have blessings to count on than none. And for tonight, I'd glad I have you with me. Sometimes it is the stories that intersect deeply with the poetry of it, which makes it abit more special. Just like that night.

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