Sunset on the way to Cape Town

It’s been a long day for us 3 today.

We packed and left our hostel early and am embarking on a long train ride over to Cape Town from Joburg.

We reached Park Station, and after checking in we found ourselves facing a 3 hour delay before moving on. The train was however, surprisingly a great experience. I love how we get a whole cabin to ourselves and we hung out.

Like an overhead projector the sun seem to be filtering its shadow through the different type of film strips of the various environment from South Africa

Then it starts to set. 

Like a ball of light being thrown by a professional pitcher before it flew in an arc across the corner. It flew and it slowly descend, as I saw it creeping up against the edge of the window. The train moved on lazily while we had our heads out, trying to catch a glimpse of the red giant.

It kept going, and going, and slowly it fell into the horizon. And it was touch down.

The sea of red emerges, as if the crowds are cheering for sox. It spreads out across the skies as you could see the color goes from both sides as the spectators does a standing wave as the red comes alive.

It was utterly amazing to watch and it sure is a show.

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