Sunset at Sunny Orange B&B

    I figured I will write.

    Hengchun Kenting Sunset

    The wind blows at my face while I typed away, without any music, just me and the world.Β The horizon welcomed me this time with opened arms, with clouds across the skies, in streaks as if celebrating the timeless beauty of the sun.

    The wind sends chills up my sleeves, tingly sensation up my temple to my forehead. I closed my eyes and let nature takes me, as I felt goosebumps raises with the sound of the waves.

    Hengchun Kenting Sunset

    I stood outside at the deck, watching the crimson glow coming down like an asteroid. Up in the mountains, I am on the same plane as the clouds, and it is as if they are mountains out in the distance. The clouds were drifting on the horizon, and they merged into one with the sea. As if the clouds are a bunch of majestic sheep being herd home. And they are too beautiful for words. The amazing fluff that spreads across the horizon. It is my first day here and I'm already so badly in love.

    I walked out to the grad patch at the side, with the sound of the grass cracking against the touch of my feet. This time, I put myself on the dot where I’ll never think I will be. Far out from my comfort zone, up in the mountains with the owner of the hostel and his 6 adopted cats. There is barely internet-connection so it is as good as living in the village.Β 

    But I love it.

    I love being away, so safe from everyone.

    This is my perfect sanctuary.

    This is a place that I'll definitely revisit whenever I'm here in Kenting. Definitely.

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