Sunset at Anping

    I saw the Sun setting and decided to walked towards it, it was along a seemingly endless river but I carried on anyway. I saw people watching it just from afar, only to find myself feeling disappointed inside after seeing them leave after a photo. There’s just so much more in a Sunset, and I wish more people would know.

    I walked on, slowly, inching towards the Sun. I came across this made shift pavilion and saw a middle age man with his dog and his bike. He asked if I’m here to see the Sunset and I nodded. We spoke for a few minutes and he gestured me to go over to his place as he pointed a rather run-down hut across the grassland, along the river.

    Anping Sunset

    Maybe most people would have said no to wading across knee-high grasses and risking to get on a floating home, but my travel spirit was burning rather strong today.

    I walked in, trying to keep my balance, trying to keep my feet visible just so I know I’m not stepping on anything weird, and not losing my footing. I walked towards the “half” floating house where I felt it moved a little when I stepped on it. It felt like part of it was embedded in the land, but another part of it was floating on the waters. I found a place to sit at the side and made myself comfortable. 

    When the time has come, the reflection was glistening across the horizon, as if forming a mythical bridge through the heavens. As it came nearer I saw something else. The reflection of the Sun was so clear that it was 2 of them.

    Anping Sunset

    Yes. I saw two of the Sun. This time, however, they are like lovers reuniting for the first time in a long time. I watched as they drift towards each other with such fiery passion, as they spread their pinks across the skies. I watch how to colors play with each other as if they are audiences cheering the lovers on. The lovers marched, danced and waltz towards each other as time goes by.

    They finally became one as I saw them embraced together, with the reflection disappearing into the waters. As if a faint ghost from a bittersweet love. Maybe they are back together after all, or maybe she’s a lost dream and we are watching the dream for his eyes. For that, it’ll be their story to tell.

    This sunset left me with a lot more emotions than I thought as I watch the last bit of pink linger around across the river before disappearing into the horizon. I left the place feeling so much as I thanked the guy for giving me such a treat unknowingly. It was one of the most beautiful experiences in my travels. 

    On the lighter note, I asked him for food recommendations after and he actually introduced me to An Ping beancurd!


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