Sunrise at Taitung Beach

“Do you think we’re going to make it?”

 “I don’t know”

“Let’s just grab some breakfast and head on over as fast as we could and see how it goes”

After getting breakfast at a heartwarming breakfast diner, we took the bicycles from the hostels and head on towards Seaside Park.

After around 15 minus of cycling through a city that’s barely awake, we fought through the fatigue and parked our bikes at the corner before walking towards the beach.

The skies turned from dusk to a mix of greyish teal. I looked over at the huge slab of cloud that is as big as our disappointment.

The sun’s up and out, but nowhere to be seen.

 Sunrise Taitung Taiwan Harbin Beach

“Are you sure that the Sun is this way?”, Kyra asked.

 “Yea, maybe he’s late. Let’s just wait for a bit”, as I gestured the source of the light leading to the educated guess of the position of the sun. And then a ray of light shot over as if a laser pointer. The beams of the burning gem glowed across the skies.

We ran towards the beach rocks, standing further up to get a better view of the sun.

 Sunrise Taitung Taiwan Harbin Beach

“Yes! He’s here”, I said.  

The orange lushed through the gaps of the clouds, as if a shy fox peering through the bushes, looking for the little prince. We saw the sun slowly emerge before rusting out from the top.

As much as it is timeless, we saw the gentle fox dipped right back into the bushes before we knew it. The passing clouds made us play hide and seek with it before he eventually ran into the forest.


“I’m glad we caught it”

“It is good enough”

“Yes, it sure is. I can’t believe I’m getting a lot of goosebumps now”

“So, what are you going to write about it as this time?"

“Well, wait and find out! I’ll send it to you when it’s out”

 Sunrise Taitung Taiwan Harbin Beach

And so, with this, I say goodbye to Taitung. The 2nd last chapter of my Taiwan trip came to a close as I’ll move towards Hualien from there.

I dread leaving this time. I hate moving towards the end. And I don’t want it to end.

But we have to keep going right?

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