Sunrise at Longpan Park

    I woke up at 4.20AM, as I prepare, wash up, and begin to ride it. I head out to the nearest 7-11 along the way where I stock up some sushi, cookies and I decided to get a burger to celebrate my triumph for successfully circling Kenting.

    I rode on, and it Longpan is actually a distance away. I pushed on, turning my headlights to its brightest, riding really carefully into the darkness. There are almost no streetlights, and the only guides are the lighted windows along the streets and the little to none moonlight filtered from the leaves of the trees beyond. Some parts are so dark that I can barely see anything ahead of me. 

    Midway through my ride, I saw the lights of the legendary Eluanbi Lighthouse shining from afar. I’d never seen it work before, as I thought it’s only for decor. It’s been known as a tourist attraction and since it’s fenced up I figured it might not be working anymore. I watched its lights oscillate in a fixed rhythm as the waves and winds crashed from the distance. I chased the Sun in the darkness as I rode on still, without stopping. 

    There’s still a distance away and I was so afraid that I wouldn’t make it.

    But I did. And I did.

    I slowed down as I move into the designated parking slot. Along with me, there are 2 more cars. 1 of them is parked, and another one with the people still inside, windows down. I smiled at them and they smiled back before driving down the road.

    And I figured I know why.

    It is extremely cloudy and they figured the sun might not be here after all. It might be impossible to catch the sunrise it might seem, due to the clouds looming over Kenting.

    Sunrise Longphan Park Kenting

    I decided to wait.

    I strolled along Longpan, this time finally being empty. I didn’t take as many photos as I think and I just walked in and decided to just live in the moment, the winds are blowing at me with rage as if trying to push everything back. I could feel it against my face so tightly, and I have to walk with effort near the cliffs. Without the sun, Longshan doesn't seem as majestic now. The cliff seems sort of empty, but I couldn't put a finger onto what's missing.

    Sunrise Longphan Park Kenting

    It is however beautiful, as I saw the waves riding towards the shore, like herds of horses galloping home. And bringing the ultimate carriage, the sun is going to come. I believe so.

    Sunrise Longphan Park Kenting

    After a while, the clouds start to dissipate, and the sun is indeed coming home. A few individuals and I watched as if the royalty is coming. Cameras up, we waited for the sun to rise above the clouds as if the clouds are the curtains blocking the carriage and the Sun is the crown prince.

    And so the prince has come, rising with such flair that it is hard to stare right into his eyes. The light reflected against the ocean as if signifying the sword that he carries, the one that gives him tales to be passed down into generations.

    The waves crashed mercilessly to the shore as the horses gallop towards the city with no sign of fatigue. We watched in awe as we saw them pulling the carriage home, and the prince has risen into the skies.

    I actually sat and enjoy my breakfast after. Finally, enjoying the warmed of the sun against my face, and the not so gentle wind that has turned my burger cold. The wind was a little mischievous as they took the seaweed away from my nigiri. I saw it flying in circles, almost hitting another random girl before flying into the distance into the sea to where it belongs.

    I smiled to myself as it’ll be one of my funny story to tell. 

    Yes, the wind stole my seaweed. Hahahah!

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