Springleaf Prata Place

    Springleaf Prata PlaceAlong Bukit Timah Road sits this decent diner that light up the other side of Rail Mall. With their warm yellow signboard and their amazing array of Indian dishes. From Prata to Goreng (Noodles) and many more!

    Singapore mainly consists of the 4 main races, namely the Chinese, the Malay, the Indian and the Eurasian. And this is also what makes us a food haven when we have food from various cultures all in one tiny island. Most tourist I know might not have come across or tried out Indian cuisine when they are here, so I decided to write about a Prata place to share. Furthermore, this restaurant stands out as their Prata is pretty unique to me. So if you’re ever visiting the lion city, you should give our diverse dishes a try!

    Moving onto Spring Leaf Prata’s food, their prata is peculiarly crispy. I tried my usual “1 plain and 1 egg Prata” order and I end up with a full and satisfied stomach.
Roti-Prata is an Indian-influenced flatbread that is made by stretching and drying the ghee (Indian butter) flavored dough. The word Roti means bread and the word Prata means flat (in Hindi).
    Don’t forget to get a hot teh-tarik (a famous drink) in this heartwarming diner as well :D It’s tea with milk if you have to know and please don’t miss this!

    Springleaf Prata Place Plain and Egg Prata

    You’ll love both of their flavourful fish and chicken curry, which are served alongside with their food as a dip. I love to drench my prata in both of them before eating. You might not notice or know but sometimes people do eat the prata with sugar sprinkles, feel free to ask for them if you would like to give it a try. It used to be my favorite way of consumption, but I had decided to cut down sugar since I’m on a diet.

    P.S. they do have various branches as well, so do check out their website for details!

    Address: 396 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678048
    Opening Hours: 8am to 12am

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