So I am headed to South Korea, again.

    “If you could go anywhere… Where do you want to go?”, I asked my younger brother.

    “South Korea!”, he said enthusiastically.

    The plan before was to bring my family members to Taiwan, and as much as there is a part of Taiwan for everyone (also for me to visit my second home), my brother wasn’t all that into the whole travel plan. So I gave him the ball in the court this time around since long story short, it’s going to be our first-ever brothers' trip now.

    We both came a long way, we sure did. He is always there for me, but I wasn’t always there for me. My brother is a little quieter than me, though he could crack the funniest jokes after you warmed him up. He’s also the one who would always get my back. Since young. Trust me, being a guy with subzero self-esteem, I couldn’t stand up for myself. And perhaps I think that I deserve it, whenever I get the shorter end of the straw. But my brother would never allow that.

    We would be covering Busan at touch down, where we would also tick off Gyeongju before doing a road trip across Jeju. We would finish up with the cherry on top of Seoul, where we would mark the end of our trip with what we started years ago, and then we would head back home and reunite with our family.

    So here I am, sitting in the middle aisle while watching the sunrise while my brother drifts in and out of slumber next to me as we are halfway through our flight en route South Korea. I’m working on this unfinished piece of writing again, as I peered over at the sunrise enviously as the Koreans at the window aisle are lying across the 3 empty seats while I only get to admire the orange hues from 2 meters away. I might not know what comes may, but all I ask for is the universe to lead us to where we are intended to, the process of traveling, the journey of living, and the stories that develop our characters into who we truly are... inside.

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