2021 April: Starting now

    It’s now the first few days of April and it’s my first writing of the year so far. I’d finally able to take a break to backlog and look back at how far I had come.

    Got a bike license
    Acquiring a bike
    Hustling for 7 days a week
    And mostly that

    My hustle hours squeezed whatever remaining life out of me as I regressed to that of a salaryman on constant over time. Coming back at midnight, I could barely do anything before taking a warm shower, idling to YouTube before drifting to sleep. I was guilty of a lot of stuff, self-care stuff, not working out, not creating as much art as I could, not doing things I innately wanted to do.

    I was plain hustling, and it felt like adulting on speed. I became more responsible as I have to put on the suit and tie now and start to help make ends meet. Dreams are dead for now and I could only go back to that after I harvested my hustle, which would definitely take a while.

    The first quarter of my year was given to just that to the hustle. And it was the second quarter that disrupted my life so much that I’d never feel that I’d ever in such a low point before. I literally just had a dance with death, and I’m now currently wheezing through my mouth as my face is fractured, my knees too, and I’m bedridden for days. I’ll be losing my mobility for a quite awhile before I could hop back to the human race but then again it felt like the universe is trying to push me back on my intended path again.

    I’m selling houses instead of art, I’m making podcast but not posting them, I’m creating contents but I’m not uploading and putting them together and I have tons to backlog that I’d never touched. My e-commerce project left collecting dust, and all these stowed away because I have to adult. But perhaps I don’t have to.
    This is probably the universe forcing my face to look right at what matters, as I held onto my dear life and breathe, as I huddle my family and my loved ones.
    It’ll be awhile before I get back on my feet (literally, but this is probably the arc that I’ll like to address on my website)

    In time to come my 2021 would have more posts than I imagine as I paint this segment of my life out. I’ll have 2 main arcs where even though it’s non travel-related I’ll still try to write it with a style that doesn’t seem like a stranger.

    With this, I’ll face my fears right in the face and see how it goes for 2021. I’d ironically never felt so alone before as it’ll be my fight, my own fight. And there’s no one who could be here in the ring except for me.

    Aside from this, I have met a drastic change in the end of March, where I got into a very serious accident.
    I'm currently wheelchair bounded with a cast at the point of writing, but I'm currently enroute for recovery now.

    I'd never thought I'll be much much worse off than before, but from now I'll have to work my way up, strong, and hard. It'll be a huge rollercoaster and an arc that I'll nevertheless cover, but for now, I'll all the more have to be stronger to fight my fight.

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