Pon Ding 朋丁

    “Why is it called Pon Ding?”

    So apparently when they first acquired the building, they noticed.

    This gem is one of a kind as they feature a shop, a cafe and an exhibition area all in one. The first floor comes with some seats and their own collection of art pieces for sale. From zines (magazines), novels, poetry to illustrations, this place is a paradise for a hipster bookworm.

    Pon Ding Taipei Art Space

    Most contents are produced in Traditional Chinese but the illustrations are pretty universal. Quite a lot of things caught my eyes, from postcards to this boxed mini zines, where it features 12 mini zines in 1 box and various others.

    Pon Ding Taipei Cafe

    The second floor is actually my favorite place as they feature various seatings for the cafe below. They have various pop outs and merchandise here, mostly sculptures, and posters. I find the second floor a great place for a temporary silent retreat while you work on your project. As there’s hardly anyone hanging out on the second floor.

    Pon Ding Map

    The third floor is an ever-changing exhibition space which gives a great extra reason for revisiting this place if you’re ever here again.

    I walked around the whole of Pon Ding, and I spent the most time in the first floor of course. Looking at the various artworks, getting lost in the different array of artworks. This is definitely a must if you’re an art lover as you could dive in an expose yourself to the different types of art. This is actually almost like a mini museum experience for me! 

    Pon Ding Art

    Back to the question so why it is called Pon Ding. One of the founders I believed, actually told me that when they acquired this building, there’s actually a “ponding” found on the roof of the building. The “collected” water through rain actually also represents the artworks they collect here!

    And hence, Pon Ding!
    Name: 朋丁 Pon Ding
    Address: No. 6, Lane 53, Section 1, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491
    Opening Hours: 11AM–8PM

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