Physical Transcendence of Running

    It's been a long while since I'd felt it.
    You know when you'd been constantly working out, trying to run, striving to do that first pull up and you suddenly manage to break ground zero?
    Yep, that feeling.

    The feeling of the physical transcendence of our body. The moment where it indeed finally gets easier after doing it every day. And that moment, you'll realize that every moment is worth it. All the sweat and tears, that you slowly start hustling, so much that you'd even forgotten you're supposed to get to the peak but you're just so focused on going forward. I always try to meditate whenever I run, consider it a weird quirk that I'll also do after my Vipassana Retreat. It is way more intense today, as I'm so focused on pushing that there are zero thoughts that came into my mind. Some distractions maybe, that doesn't last for more than 10 seconds, but otherwise, I'm pushing myself. I was so intuned with my body as I could feel each and every ounce of my muscle pulsing, bringing my legs forward, I could feel my breath going in and out hard, like pistons of a vehicle trying to clock its best mile. I was on fire. There is no distraction, no poems for me to escape to, no stories for me to conjure and write, I was in the moment and that was it.

    It dawned on me that this is how it is supposed to be. How this is how it felt like when we become better when we kept pushing forward and eventually our body would change, we would evolve, we would get better. I ran, and I only realized that I was transcending when I'm at the 3km mark, and I know I have to make it count. I ran and pushed myself as much as I can, not caring about my subsequent run, no caring that if I would be set too high of a benchmark for my next. I ran like I'm sitting this as a high score and the next round would be the worry of tomorrow; I ran like it is my last. And It then came to me that it is how we have to live. This is the only way that we are putting in every ounce of effort worthy to ourselves for ourselves, and move forward.

    Even though this didn't come to me often, perhaps afew times when I start clocking the ranges of 27-29 for my 5km, and within 1.02-1.04 for my 10km. And after a long detour, I'm now back. I'm fxxking back. I'm writing this in triumphant and I want to be more aware and cherish this fire. I want to tell myself that no matter how dark it can get, you'll get the fire in you to light up the way as long as you keep walking forward.

    Godspeed, people.

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