People I Met: Ting

Ting and I actually came a long way during my trip, because I actually met her together with Wei Ge during my first week in Taipei. She was working at WRONG Gallery before, and that’s how we met.

We decided to meet after exchanging stories. Since she’ll be heading back to Taitung, and I’ll be looping my Taitung, we could actually catch up, or even hang out if our schedule allows!

So fast forward to my Taitung journey, I actually hitchhiked to Luye to meet her after missing the train.

We met at Ah Kim’s convenience store where it is delightful to hear that she’s friends with the lady boss there. We all hung out for a bit before leaving off.

People I Met Ting

We rode around the town where she introduced to me several murals and graffiti. She's even an artist behind one of the major "murals" for Seven-Eleven!

People I Met Ting

We went back to her place after, where I met her mum. Together she made me some tea (her family’s signature of course). We spoke and exchange ideas in her arts. She’s a really talented artist. I’ll share some of her work below.

 People I Met Ting

She then bought me to her dad’s tea plantation, where I got to meet the amazing man who is taking care of this enormous field alone. He had even received an “Oscar” for his tea. Soooo it is an honor to meet him.  

After that, we went to the top of Luye where I get to look at the wonders of Taitung. We spoke for quite a bit, and we get to catch up probably without any distractions. In the technology age, don’t get chances to connect properly, share aspirations and be open about our vulnerabilities these days. But I’m glad I get to know Ting.

Also! She’s an amazing artist!
She dabbles a lot in doodles and I love her “Little Monster” series. Check out her Instagram at @tuartstudio

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