People I Met: Fuji & Anne

Traveling people with fake names and people whom we’re not on each other’s social might sound crazy, but that was what Anne and I am when we met each other in Taiwan. We didn’t do socials, we didn’t even do numbers at first, and we didn’t even do names. And that’s how Anne came about. We gave each other fake names for the fun of it and it stick.

    I would/could/should even probably write something on meet Anne herself as we went way back in Taiwan. It was a random spur of the moment that I decided to add South Africa to my list in 2019. South Africa has always been on my list but I haven’t warrant myself adventurous enough to check it off my list. It’s been somewhere in the bottom, alongside with Sri Lanka, Nepal, the United States and alongside with some countries in Europe.

    I’m quite a fussy traveler, and that being said I love to squeeze the most out of my schedule. So I love to eat on the go, socialize, visit art spaces and I won’t stop until it is actually time to go. I took a step back (perhaps half a step back) due to the security of South Africa. It is indeed nice to have company when you travel sometimes. Being the only Asian trio most of the time in almost all social settings, I am actually glad to have them around, not just for company, but I found their presence enjoyable.

    We took out several tours, while explored several more places on our own. It is also my first time traveling with “strangers”, in a way. Initially, I thought I’ll only catch them for some days, but our itinerary ended up becoming mostly similar due to the places we wanted to visit (aside from my art galleries and museum).

    Anne and I are probably the more easy-going type while being the Fuji being the foodie would decide the places she wants to try out then we would build our itinerary around the places nearby. I am probably half a foodie since I adore eating while Anne’s stomach is like the size of my pocket. The best thing about our friendship? I get 2 extra serving of friends because Anne couldn't finish and Fuji doesn’t do fries. And sometimes I’ll split mains with Fuji so we get the best of both worlds!

    Things work out in the end and surprisingly we didn’t murder each other while being on a 40 hours sleeper train. I like how all of us are pretty okay with each other and I’m fine with hanging out with either of them at any time.

     It is also incredibly funny how Anne and I have to work really hard to take a photo for Fuji that is acceptable by her standards! She would take a photo first then Anne would try to capture it while holding the other phone for reference with her other hand. So much for the gram right!?

    The girls, however, love to stay in after evening as Fuji doesn’t do dinner so I’ll have the rest of the evening and night to myself. That’s probably my alone time where I’ll try to either stay in, read a book or get some work done but found myself socializing or hanging out in the end.

    And the very end, it is indeed quite saddening to see them go when we split ways after the new year. While I’m headed to Dubai, the girls will embark on their ski trip. It’s been a breathtaking and amazing month in South Africa, and well... perhaps I’ll see y’all again!

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