People I Met: Dinesh

I met Dinesh in the Dubai youth hostel and we sort of hit it off immediately. However, we are really different. We exchanged our cultural differences only to confirmed that. And he’s prepared to marry someone his parents chose, like an arranged marriage.

“After marriage, love will naturally come”, he said.

I can’t imagine how crazy I’ll go if I’m ever entrangled in an arranged marriage but I dropped the topic altogether.

Dinesh loves plants and cars. We will do our morning walk after breakfast every day and he’ll be smelling the flowers by the hostels. He loves being in the sun. And as for cars... well, photographing them and eventually driving them one day! (I’m sure you will)

We are pretty different because I’m more into the arts while he’s not. Or rather, I am the odd one because most people don’t do museums anyway ahaha! 

Dinesh also loves taking photos, as I found myself being his personal photographer for the past few days. He loves being shoot, and he’s comfortable on camera. That’s something new for a guy actually. None of my boys enjoys being photographed and this guy love to be in the shot!

I enjoyed the days that we hung out while I’m at the Dubai youth hostel. We had quite a bit of adventure, from talking about dharma, chasing sunsets, walking across the marina area to eventually even catching Evan Lutra (he’s an even fanboy). I felt so happy for him and inspiring that he’s able to meet someone he respects and admires. 

It marks the wonderful last day of my stay in Dubai Youth Hostel and I hope I’ll catch you again soon Dinesh! Never forget about dharma and treating people with kindness and compassion. 

Cheers Brother(: 

P.S. "it's fxcking dharma bro!"

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