People I met: 獨角獸

    One of them is a random guest from my hostel. And another is a distant postcard pal that I would never think I would meet. That’s how the story of the 3 of us came about.

    Independent music bands are hardly ever heard by the general public and it is truly hard to find fellow kindred spirits if you do love indie music.

    I got into the indie music scene long ago when I’m young. Long story short, a guy I met on MRIC sent me an album that he recorded with his university mates. I fell in love with it instantly.

    Fast forward to today, I bought the tickets to the concert right after I saw Hello Nico’s Facebook announcement. And I have been sharing their music with guests and staffs in the hostel. And to my surprise, I actually met this one girl from Hong Kong who listens to indie music too. And she went ahead and buy the ticket upon hearing about the concert. That’s not the best part, because we only had spoken for less than 10 minutes and I didn’t even get her name, yet.

    Ko. That’s her name. Sort of.

    We didn’t really get in touch until the day of the concert, and to my surprise, my postcard pal over at Zhunan manage to snag a ticket as well. The venue literally blew me away. The 3 of us met in the middle of the first set, and we were not awkward at all!

    It is even funny how they talk to each other more than myself. I love bridging connections like these. I am the kind of oddball who loves to get things started before my introversion take over me again. And they spent quite some time taking selfies together before remembering that there’s still a third person and we also goofed around at the karaoke machine.

    I love how we could just be in our own world when the music starts. Where we are all in our own zone, with me by myself, swaying to the melody, switching off from the world. It is a very unusual concert experience for me, with fellow friends who also listen to the same music. It is even funnier when we don’t even talk much, but we’re having a great time together during the concert.

    Indie Music Concert

    This is the first ever paid concert that I had ever gone to and I am surprised it set such a high benchmark. But maybe it’s the people that count! And I even manage to get close and personal with the lead singer of Hello Nico this time round!

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