Located at 155 Middle Road, this amazing gallery is walkable from Bugis Street, and near Bencoolen MRT. This small humble space can be easily crossed off within the hour and you'll be amazed by the amount of content in that can be squeezed in this small space.

Enter Objectif's House that screams oddity.
It's yellow is well contrasted with the green and they sure do stand out amongst most neutral colored buildings that dull down the street. This place looked so out of place but yet it's peculiar characteristic will draw you in.
There's also another part of the building right beside that belongs to Objectif as well! Which are mainly use for workshops and office.

Be sure to check out their site for a preview of their exhibitions to see if you would want to check it out if you're not a fan of surprise.
They have everything from paintings, installations, and films as well.
You'll find yourself smiling while wandering in this surreal space of art.

Objectif Retro Chairs

Near the back, there are even retro stools for you to take some hipster-looking shots under your belt (I mean feeds).
It's walkable from various part of town, you'll maybe stumble upon them if you're walking across our urban maze.
Just remember to keep your head up and not at your phone!

Objectif Back
Within 10 minutes are DECK, and National Design Centre, another 2 other artistic space that you should check out if you have some extra time.

Name: Objectifs - Centre for Photography & Film
Address: 155 Middle Road, 188977
Opening Hours: Tue - Sat: 12pm - 7pm | Sun: 12pm - 4pm

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