National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

I cycled here having missed the bus in Taichung. Aside from Taipei, the buses in other cities are not as developed as the infrastructure is not as great compared to the capital of Taiwan.

This is also why we do see a lot of scooters around as it would be their preferred mode of transport. However, the government had made a point that every bus ride within 10km in Taichung would be free for now!

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

I arrived at the National Art Museum, this huge compound reminds me to the likes of the Fine Art Museum in Taipei, as they also have a huge “Art Park” for you to get lost in.

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Atrium

They have quite a bit of gallery ranging from 10X - 30X, which is around 3 main areas of exhibitions, together with installations, sculpture, and paintings as well.

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Gallery

It is a great place to wander, as you hope from galleries to galleries, and furthermore, no admission fee is required. Yes, you’re right, it’s FREE!

If you have a day to spend, why not come over here, chill by the grass or even cycle around the amazing museum compound!

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Park

This area is really huge and they have arts and activities cater to visitors of all ages! So it’s really family friendly too for those who are coming along with their family!

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Shop

They have a crazy big art shop, so you might find yourself clearing items off the shelves because they’re too adorable! I actually spent a great deal of time in the art shop here too, as I was going through the countless designs of postcards and even got them stamped since I’m sending them to my friends!

Name: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Address: No. 2號, Section 1, Wuquan West Road, West District, Taichung City, 403
Opening Hours: TUE-FRI (9AM-5PM), SAT&SUN (9AM-6PM)

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