MOCA Taipei

    There’s a section for the free exhibitions. But for 50TWD, you’ll get entry to the special exhibition. The special exhibitions only run for a limited time only so do it is really worth a visit if you have time.

    Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

    You find yourself required to keep your belongings at the start. The lockers cost 10/use so be sure to make sure you take what you need before you lock your things up.

    I love the beautiful long structure, together with the enticing arcs across the buildings. The internal structure is pretty good, as the building is pretty organized so there is a fixed “route” to take when you’re going through the exhibition.

    Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

    This contemporary art museum also comes with an English guide and a Chinese guided tour. The merchandise area comes with a wide array of goodies, from postcards to daily trinkets! So be sure to stock up your wallet before going in! I actually spent quite a bit to get’ed postcards.

    Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

    Do you know that they actually personally design and custom manufactured their tickets for their special exhibitions? So for the one for its current exhibit is actually a soft mini squeezable logo made from rubber!

    Name: Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei
    Address: No. 39, Chang'an West Road, Datong District, Taipei City, 103
    Opening Hours: TUE-SUN (10AM - 6PM)

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