Miyahara (宮原眼科)

    Come whisk yourself away to Hogwarts without wondering if you will ever have to run through the walls of platform 9 3/4 when you’re at Miyahara.

    Miyahara TaichungSome people call it Hogwarts, some call it the “Library” but I am really siding the ones who said this felt like it just came right out of the Harry Potter universe.

    Miyahara Taichung

    The wonderful red bricks breathe an air of nostalgia and the countless chatters take me to the busy streets of Diagon Alley. This shop is truly an eye opener if you are ever in Taichung. You should even pop by if you don’t have a sweet tooth.

    Miyahara Taichung

    For once the photos really speak a thousand words as this place speaks of a certain beauty! I really love the ambiance here. So what are you waiting for if you’re a fan of the boy who lived?

    Miyahara Taichung

    P.S. I’m a Ravenclaw if you have to know hahaha!

    Name: Miyahara Ice Cream (宮原眼科)
    Address: No. 20, Zhongshan Road, Central District, Taichung City, 400
    Opening Hours: 10AM–10PM

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