Midnight Thoughts at Saigon

    Sitting by the poolside, my mind ironically in a whirl, yet the calm waters at the top of the pool deck came to a standstill.

    I’m seated at the pool deck writing again, with earphones on but I decided to stop the music to get into the mood.
    The wind howl alongside with the occasional beeps and horns from the traffic below.
    The breeze ran down the sleeves of my cardigan and I could feel the chills sipping through the thin fabric.
    Distant chatter scattered around the area.
    People seated in groups, drinking, smoking.
    A pair of drunk Korean couple were exclaiming to each other as if they are talking to each other from a mile away.
    The leaves dance with the wind, swaying without any rhythmic pattern, being happy on its own.

    I like the world quiet.

    So far, I love Vietnam.
    So much.
    She’s like my new baby.
    Another arc of my life where I survived out of my comfort zone. Where I took the risk and learn from the locals, to take the path less taken, uncovering hidden gems along the way. I took the bus, explored several hidden gems, and survived the motorcycle rides where we weave through the traffic of Vietnam.

    I fell in love, again.
    And surprisingly it came really close to Thailand.
    And I realised something.
    So far I’d been the one who’s being showed the world too.
    I saw another part of my brothers, I saw how JR speak Thai, and how the drove us across the distant land of Chiangmai, marking our greatest voyage.
    I see how Xiang adapted to staying Vietnam in a matter of months. How he could drive through the organized mess of Vietnam traffic. How he picked up a new language.

    And through their stories, I found mine.
    I found my adventures, I found my crazy stories to tell…
    In Thailand, I conquered rocks, trekked waterfalls and climbed mountains a few have ever been.
    And In Vietnam, I experienced local food and culture, discovering hidden gems at their finest.

    But… it’s their world.
    It’s through their adventures and stories that I’m able to gain such priceless experiences, and I cannot be thankful enough.

    Hence, it’s time for me to find my own.
    To find my own city, my own town, my own language to pick up, my little unique thing to do.

    Maybe my own favorite cafe to write, to read.
    My favorite museum to hang out and get inspired.
    It’s my turn to get out there and see the world.
    Maybe, through finding my very "own", I'll eventually able to find myself.

    “You’re not empty, you just haven’t filled up yourself yet”

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