Come to Maboneng if you want to experience urban decay in a city that’s full of life.

We covered this area today with the group from the hostel and we embarked on a journey by foot around Maboneng.

Maboneng South Africa

It was a dying city, that was bought back to life by the hands of the entrepreneurs, and now creative minds try to instill growth to keep the city alive.

Maboneng Johannesburg AGOG art

We have businesses running across the streets, from cafes to clothing shops and several others.

Maboneng street art

Graffiti donned the red bricks and that gave Maboneng a very beautiful touch of personality that makes her a unique place to visit.

There’s even a overwhelmingly crazy 2nd hand collectors/bookstores which contains over 2 million artefacts which makes it the largest 2nd hand store in Africa!

South Africa Maboneng

The street arts are to die for, as the works from artists all over the world, donned buildings like a gigantic canvas. Make sure to circle around the area, check out arts on mains on Sunday mornings and also check out their museums and cafes around this unique district!

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