Lumas SingaporeTheir neon chroma stood dreamily against their space silver backdrop. The gallery looks alluring with a heart fuzzing warmness instead of the cool colors. You’ll find your inside lit up while adoring the art. That was how LUMAS is for me.

    They hold a prodigious collection of arts, hung onto walls or in the form of magnets. I find their 4 for $100 art pieces a real steal. From photography to painting, these amazing artworks are immortalized in digital print form before embedded onto the magnets. Come be a “legal” art thieves and bring these home for only 25 a piece!

    Apart from these, I find their array of art pieces fascinating. From the classic Warhol's Campbell aroma candles and skates to art magnets and frame paintings, I can’t help for feel these really suited the pop art retro theme.

    Lumas Singapore Couch

    Walking along the gallery, you’ll find a countertop where numerous art materials and books are featured. They even placed a couch so you can go through them in comfort like home.

    Lumas Singapore Gallery Rack

    The long table with the MacBook does scream “dream workspace”, yet the sophisticated minimalistic set up is a great finishing touch. There’s also a storage rack at the side whether you could pull out and check out the various art they have in their collection.

    Lumas Singapore Art Gallery

    And of course, I asked for permission before taking photos and their Gallery Advisor was really really friendly and nice. We spoke for a while and she told me about Lumas. They usually change “theme” every month and that’s where they would rotate and re-curate the art space.
    (Usually, Mondays if I remember correctly)

    So, now that you know what to do if you’re ever in Paragon every once in a while. LUMAS just became my regular drop by for some art fix and art inspiration.  

    P.S. I actually told LUMAS that I was lead here by Yellow Korner and she laughed and said that’s our "competitor”, now is it me or are they truly adorable? Aren’t they? :D


    Details: LUMAS Singapore
    Name: LUMAS
    Address: Paragon Shopping Centre, #04-47, 290 Orchard Road, 238859
    Opening Hours: 10:30am – 8:30pm

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